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For Media

The Media Hub is designed to be an effective tool to assist journalists in securing quick and exclusive content from Australia's leading experts.

How it works:

  • STORY IDEAS: Experts post their story ideas to our ‘members only’ media hub
  • SEARCH FOR A STORY: Type in what you are looking for (ie. HIIT, functional training, recipes, workouts) and the content under that tag will come up
  • DIRECT MESSAGE: If you have questions for the expert you can message them directly
  • EXCLUSIVITY: To request exclusivity of a story idea, click the ‘exclusive’ button at the bottom of the page and a request will be sent to the expert. Once approved, that content will disappear from the site
  • SEND A CALL OUT: If you’re looking for an expert to comment on an article, you can send a ‘call out’ to the expert list and relevant experts can pitch into you
  • EXPERT DIRECTORY: If you're looking for an expert to connect with, there is an ‘Expert Directory’ you can refer to
  • RATE THE EXPERT: Rate the experts once you have worked with them out of five stars
  • TOP STORIES: We will email you the top stories twice a week for consideration

The Media Hub will always be free for media to use

*While experts are requested to disclose if their content has run anywhere before (including on their website), it is advised that you ask them to confirm

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For Experts

Welcome to Media Hub - an innovative platform that connects Health Experts with Media Sources for a fraction of the average PR cost. For only $99 month you get:

  • POST YOUR STORY IDEAS: submit your best angles for journalists to find
  • BE FEATURED AS AN EXPERT: in Australia’s leading print and digital media publications
  • COMMUNICATE DIRECTLY WITH MEDIA: Media will be able to contact you directly through the platform with questions
  • CREDIBILITY FOR YOUR BUSINESS: Being seen as a leading expert in your field through reputable media publications and platforms is a great way to build credibility for your brand and reach potential new customers/ clients
  • BACKED BY A RENOWNED HEALTH AND FITNESS PR AGENCY: FITtopia is integrated with Bennett PR  a leading health, fitness and lifestyle PR agency who will help to boost the best story ideas to key journalists, ensuring our experts are always top of mind
  • EXPERT DIRECTORY: Be featured on the Expert Directory so journalists can find you
  • CALL OUTS: Journalists can post a brief of the articles they are working on. If the article is relevant to you, you can pitch yourself or your ideas directly to the journalist for potential feature 
  • AFFORDABLE: All of this for just $99 per month
  • Getting started

Some experts will be new to working with the media so as part of your membership you will be emailed a complimentary training manual explaining how the media works and how to find the best story ideas/ angles for your business. 

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Plagiarism vs Original Content: Content written on the FITtopia Media Hub needs to be 100% original. If a journalist attempts to publish content that has been plagiarised, Google’s SEO penalises both the publication and your business from its Google rankings. If it’s your own content that has already run on your own website PLEASE SPECIFY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ARTICLE so the journalist is aware. A journalist can always repurpose your content, but they need to know to avoid Google's penalty
  • Editorial vs Advertising: With the Media Hub, our goal is to secure editorial coverage- which is ‘earnt’ coverage that gives the publications reader value in opposed to advertising which is paid for and frequently has very ‘loud’ brand messaging. As such, when posting your content to the media hub, or working with a journalist, it’s fine to mention your brand once and insert a hyperlink/ link to your site, but be aware that if your content has overt advertising in it, the journalists are unlikely to publish it
  • Be quick: Australian journalists are very busy and work to tight, fast deadlines. If they request content from you, please get back to them quickly. Also give them an ETA of when they can expert to receive your content
  • Be mindful of your content: This is your chance to get in front of Australia’s leading journalists and their readers so make sure that your content is interesting. If a journalist asks for your top 5 health tips, it's fine to say "drink water, sleep and eat your vegetables”, but expand on it and try to make it interesting because those tips alone are not going to make for a newsworthy article

Remember that sharing relevant information though editorial/ content marketing is a good way to attract new customers who may not have realised that they need your services. We suggest coming up with angles and sharing good information that will subtly tell them about what you are offering, thus hopefully attracting new customers.

There is a section on ‘finding your angle’ in the training manual, however if you need a little extra help, a team of professionals that have 10+ years within the health and lifestyle PR field are available to speak to. Contact us for consulting: hello@fittopia.com.au

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FITtopia currently has a 2 pronged approach:

FITtopia for Businesses and Consumers 

FITtopia’s consumer site (www.fittopia.com.au)  is Australia’s newest lifestyle platform dedicated to helping you discover the best health and fitness near you. The aim is to provide wellness seekers with our insider’s view on where to train, how to maximise performance, where to re-fuel and how to recover through our trusted consumer reviews. We feature unique and trending content created in collaboration with experts and thought-leaders through our news, social and podcast platforms.

It has never been easier to find a gym or studio, healthy food, an allied health professional or a personal trainer near you, but FITtopia removes the hard work and ensures our audience discover exactly what they’re looking for in the most seamless way possible. 

FITtopia Media Hub for Media and Experts 

FITtopia’s private Media Hub connects health experts directly with Australian journalists. Experts can put up their story ideas/content and key journalists can work with them directly to publish the stories in an editorial capacity. Journalists can also send out a ‘call out’ to experts. The FITtopia Media Hub is an affordable way to get in front of Australia’s to health, fitness and lifestyle journalists. 

ABOUT FITTOPIA Education Course

Want to learn more about how to master your own PR and Marketing? Check out the FITtopia Education Course to learn more about how to work with journalists, how to come up with media worthy story ideas, how to position yourself as a key opinion leader, social media and more.